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Christmas is coming!

Let me tell you, people are shopping early for Christmas this year!  I love that because the shipping can take some time and I sure wouldn't want your orders to arrive late.  I love the retro vibe of Mid Century Modern and that is what my art represents.  We have adorable Mid Century Modern Putz House Kits that are super fun to put together with family, friends and loved ones! You can leave them undecorated for a simple, clean vibe or decorate them with paint, glitter, markers, tiny trees and wreaths etc. You can decorate the Christmas tree with them, put them on a shelf or window sill, give them as a gift etc.  Then pack them carefully in a box for next year! 

Do you enjoy decorating for Christmas? I love it.  I love to pick my color scheme for the year.  One of my favorite activities is selecting my wrapping paper for the year.  That always sets the tone for the rest of my decor.  This year we have wrapping paper featuring our art and it looks so good printed.  I'm so excited to choose this year but it's so hard, how can you pick just one or two designs? So fun! 

I'm also thinking about making a swanky bar for Christmas this year.  I just love planning out all the details and making coordinating art to dress it up.  I think I'm going with pink, turquoise and red this year as my color scheme.  What colors and style will you use this year? I love to hear others ideas.  Let's deck the halls and make merry! <3