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Amaya Jade and Co. | About Us

Photo of Jen and Amaya Owners of Amaya Jade and Co. website

Welcome to Amaya Jade and Co.! We are so happy you are here.  We are Jen and Amaya, Mother and Daughter.  We are passionate about creating every day. Jen loves Mid Century Modern Style and lots of color.  Nostalgia leads most of her designs and she treats many of her works of art just like decorating a room in the house; creating and adding different elements until it feels complete.  Amaya loves to paint with watercolors or gouache mostly portraits.  She is a Plant Whisperer and teaches art classes on Skillshare.  She has also been creating YouTube content since she was 12.  She plans, films, and edits all of her videos and classes herself.  Video editing has always been a passion.


Call: 689-210-8661

Hours of operation: Mon - Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM